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During the courses at George Brown College IS Business Analysis, I've learned what the role of Business Analyst in an enterprise and how to be a successful BA. However, there are still some abstract concepts. To make sure what I understand what I know and unknow, I am going to review all the content I learned from college and make the note to help myself to reach a thorough understanding. Of course, the final goal is to get the IIBA cetification.

IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis)

Extract a description of IIBA from Wikipedia:

A non-profit professional association formed in October 2003 with the purpose of supporting and promoting the discipline of business analysis.

As an aspired Business Analyst, I hope I can utilize what I learned from George Brown College IS Business Analysis program regarding to the practical and theoretical knowledge to extract, analyze and present the key insights of future projects.

To build up a solid foundation, I'm going to record my learning process of a thorough note of studying BABOK Guide v3 (A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) which is the basic knowledge of Business Analysis.

Hopefully, I can get the ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis) certification after my preparation.

加拿大學院的學制是三個學期,1-4月是第一個學期,5-8月是第二個學期,9-12月是第三個學期。現在也進入第二個學期的尾聲了,學校提供了很多真實案例來啟發我們,讓我們去摸索商業分析師在一個企業中所扮演的角色。在馬不停蹄的上課、考試、作業和報告中,覺得自己也算是摸到了商業分析師的邊邊,有點抽象又有點具體,希望能徹底的把所學給融會貫通。最終目的除了提升自己,當然是要考到證照和找到工作 :D 所以從下一篇開始,便會進入我的 Business Analysis 筆記世界。

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